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10' x 20'

This space fits a 3-4 Bedroom Apartment with appliances or a vehicle and several small items and boxes.

10' x 15'

This space fits a 2 Bedroom Apartment with furniture and boxes or could be used for commercial storage/inventory.

10' x 10'

This space fits a 1 Bedroom Apartment with appliances such as a washer, dryer, refrigerator and boxes. It could also be used to store office furniture and files.

5' x 15'

​This space fits 1-2 Rooms with furniture, lots of boxes and bicycles. It could also be used to store sales supplies, business records or seasonal items.

5' x 10'

This space is called our “Walk-In Closet”. It can be used to store a mattress and box springs, a couch and coffee table, etc.

5' x 5'

​This space it called our “Extra Closet". It can be used to store chairs, TV's, chest-of-drawers, boxes, seasonal items, business records, sales materials, etc.

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