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14 Days Before You Move

Your Move

  • Begin cleaning any rooms in your house that have been emptied, such as closets, basements or attics, and check to make sure you did not leave anything unpacked.

  • Moving plants? Check on their special moving needs.

  • Make arrangements to clean your new home, and the home you’re moving out of. Also, arrange for any services for your new home that will be easier to do before your things arrive: carpet-cleaning, wood floor cleaning, painting, etc.

Your Records

  • Find pharmacies in your new town that you can transfer your family’s prescriptions over to. Make sure you have enough required medication in case you don’t locate a new pharmacist/doctor immediately.

  • Organize important documents -- will, passport, deeds, financial statements -- to carry with you when move; make copies that you can pack with your household goods, but carry the originals with you.

Your Family and Pets

  • Is your pet ready for the move? Make sure you have transportation arranged, and that you have someone who can watch the pet during the move. Also, make sure the pet is up to date on its shots.

Quick Tips

  • Collect valuable items such as jewelry or heirlooms and keep them separate from the rest of your packed belongings so you don’t risk losing them.

  • Return any borrowed items, such as library books, and collect any clothing that you may have taken to be dry-cleaned. 

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