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One Week After You Move

  • Get your kids involved in the unpacking process, and help them find activities in your new town.

  • Did you get your moving deposits back yet?

  • Make sure you have fire extinguishers and fire detectors in your new home.

  • Do any quick repair work that needs to be done, if you didn’t do it before moving in.

  • Tackle some fun first projects to help make your house a home, like hanging pictures and other simple projects

  • Explore the new town -- get acquainted, find out where everything is, etc.

  • Replace the locks if you’re uneasy about keeping the locks that came with the house.

  • Check on licenses for pets.

  • Update your address for all these: voter registration, drivers license, tax forms, new bank account, etc.

  • Start thinking about the larger home-renovation projects you’d like to get started, and prioritize them.

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